Take Control

Adjustable Therapy System (ATS)

For spa owners that refuse to compromise on hydrotherapy, the Adjustable Therapy System™ (ATS) represents the pinnacle in spa relaxation.

Customize your experience with seven different massage programs easily accessed by a nearby dedicated control panel. This allows you to enjoy the soothing relaxation of the ATS seat without activating the rest of the spa. Not only will you enjoy premium hydrotherapy, but you will also experience a tremendous savings in energy and cost.

Ergonomic in design and available in either a contoured captain’s chair or lounger, these impressive seats feature 14 spa jets powered by a dedicated motor, which delivers continuous, constant pressure. Experience the Adjustable Therapy System™ for yourself and discover new depths of pleasure.

Control Panels

Cal Spas hot tubs are managed by easy-to-use control panels that operate everything at a touch including the pumps, lighting and heaters. All control panels have the following features:
  • Auto-Filtration Mode with programmable times
  • Auto-Temperature Mode to keep temperatures from falling below 100-degrees F
  • Auto-Shut Off when spa is not in use
  • Auto-Freeze Protection
  • Self-Diagnosis with recommended solution
  • Backlit buttons for readable display
9800 Control Panel

This advanced panel features the same operations as the other Cal Spas control panels in addition to:
  • Exclusive “Sounds Good” System
  • Dimmer control for spa lights
  • Safety lockout feature
  • Reversible display for in-spa viewing
  • Clock

Exclusive “Sounds Good” System

Featured on 9800 Control Panels, this is the perfect way to add even more fun to your spa enjoyment with dynamic audio feedback for each of your hot tub controls with crystal clear sound through a premium speaker. It’s a blast for the entire family!

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