Powerful Pumps

Exclusive Large Capacity High Performance Switchless Motors

Cal Spas switchless booster pumps are built with quality you can trust and power you can feel. Our motors feature low and high speeds with exclusive switchless technology. The low speed is used for filtration and heating while the high speed is used for creating a pressurized massage. Instead of a mechanical switch with springs that physically change between low and high speeds, Cal Spas motors are switchless and use an electrical relay that provides resiliency and protects the motor. Each switchless pump has a 50% thicker and longer shaft than standard pumps for increased durability and output. Spa owners will experience a 50% increase in energy efficiency during filtration mode since the pump is able to fully operate at only two amps.

Exclusive Eliminator Wet End

Wet ends are the sections of the pump that come into contact with spa water, making high-endurance parts a necessity. Exclusive Eliminator wet ends are crafted from virgin plastic to eradicate leaks, cracks and chemical damage. These wet ends are constructed with a custom-fit impeller that ensures maximum efficiency, lower operating costs and quieter operation. The Smart Wash-Out System generates a cyclone effect around the seals that prevents chemical build-up and corrosion.


Valves are designed to direct the flow of air or water to different areas of your spa. Cal Spas hot tubs can feature any combination of the following:
  • Gate Valves: These valves are located inside the equipment area and are used during "wet" service to prevent water from draining out of the spa when equipment must be removed for maintenance.
  • Diverter Valves: Available in one-inch and two-inch sizes, these valves are located on the topside of your spa and divert water flow from one area to another. This allows you to increase pressure in some seats while lowering pressure in others.
  • Air Venturi Valves: Also located on the topside of the spa, these air valves can be activated to add air pressure to specific jets for a more vigorous hydrotherapy experience.
  • Drain Valves: Draining your spa is simple with this convenient drain valve. Simply open the equipment panel, attach any garden hose to the drain valve apparatus and open the valve. The spa water will drain without the use of a pump. Conveniently, most Cal Spas hot tubs can be upgraded with a Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve that eliminates the need to remove any panels.

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